For The Hearing Impared.


Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring differently-abled individuals, especially those with hearing impairment, are able to access and enjoy our travel and tour services.

We help our clients with such needs by providing a translator, an itinerary that attends to their needs.

We are progressively engaging with deaf persons in rural and marginalised areas.

This is as we aim to expose them to opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry and other relevant sectors, and empower them to sustainably provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Mentorship and Skill Development are the key inputs we are committing ourselves to deliver to them, unconditionally.

At Wren, we believe impacting the individuals and their societies can, and WILL, start a chain reaction that sees the deaf perform at par with abled individuals; and relish the beautiful world and experiences we have.

Our Initiative is thus not only focused on providing services to differently-abled individuals, but to support them over and beyond where they are our clientele.

We are honoured and grateful to have an opportunity to do just that; and continuously see the wonderful future we are all building, together.

Eco Tourism

The importance of experiencing the natural environment without damaging it cannot be reiterated enough.

As the current inhabitants of the planet, we have a responsibility to ensure our practices are sustainable; that more generations after us may experience the blossoms that surround us.

This is a belief that is held dear at Wren as we arrange for tours for our clientele and engage the different stakeholders in planning for exquisite experiences and vacations.

We advise our clients on actions to promote sustainable eco-tourism.

Our selected destinations also strive to be enviromentally friendly. We do our best to remind them on areas of improvement.

It is only when working together can we achieve a green beautiful world.

Our engagements with several international and local organisations such as Trip Advisor and She Trades leads us to identify and focus on areas that contribute the most impact to environmental protection. 

Join us and support the future of the planet by taking a Green Trip and taking time to enjoy Mother Earth as you still help conserve her and her resources.

Travel Responsibly.


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